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    Best way to handle login screen, transition to app


      I've got a working app in flex (I'm an "advanced beginner")...and now want to add a login screen ahead of the app.  My question is what is the best way to do so?  My options I see are:


      1. Login via HTTP screen: The is quick (no app load time), but not as pretty and harder to send parameters to the flex app.


      2. Flex login screen using viewstates/stack: I could create a login page and upon successful authorization, I could switch the currentstate (view) or use a viewstack to show the application.  This doesn't feel right - having the entire app in a viewstack or view state seems wrong somehow...


      3. Flex login app  which launches my main flex app:  I have no idea if this is possible, but feel right.  Quick load time to login, and no need to keep login app/screen in memory during main app execution.


      Can someone share a "best practice" ??  Thanks

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          Brent Lamborn Level 2

          I'm not sure if it is best practice, but we are doing it as you described in #2. Our app isn't all that huge ( about 700k) and we decided we'd rather have the wait time while the app loads prior to login, rather than have them wait a long time after they submit their login.  It is also nice for us to keep it all in one Flex project.  Just thought I'd share what we are doing.