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    Problem loading external images from webservice using bitmapData method in AS29- images showing white when placed in server application


      please anyone could help with the issue.

      This is based on iTune Cover from site . I have a problem loading images with http://www.yourdomain.com/ImageHandler.ashx?PK_Id=1139 some id, where http://www.yourdomain.com is an external domain not the same server. This is loaded from webservice generated xml file which has the Imageurl’s. These images are loading when I run it within flash. but when I put the swf into an application which is asp.net based and mssql database driven I see white instead of the images. I have been trying hard from past one week to resolve this issue. I have also seen crossdomain policy and included the same in my local server but there is no cross domain file in the external domain. Without crossdomain file how could I load the images and run it in my application. Please help me with any related tutorial links or solution. I have gone through the forum but didn’t find any solution for this kind of problem.

      Thanks in advance…
      Thank you