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    Creating A Start Button

    mcq172 Level 1

      I've written a MicroSoft HTML Help (Primary Layout) file to support a Flash simulation. The simulation is going to be on a CD. The help file will be on the same CD. Is there anyway of creating a help launch button? I tried creating a shortcut to the .chm file but it wouldn't let me put it on the CD. Thanks

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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi there


          It would be more helpful if you could try using different words to describe exactly what you want to do.


          For example:

          • Are you wanting to have the CD automatically start the Flash when you insert it?

            If so, that's an autorun situation and we may be able to help.

          • Are you wanting to insert a button in your Flash simulation to open the help?

            If so, that's a question best suited for the Flash forum.

          • Or are you wanting to simply have a shortcut on the CD that opens the help?


          Let us know... Rick



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            mcq172 Level 1

            I want to create a shortcut on the disk that will launch the help. Thanks

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              Level 2

              You should be able to add a shortcut to the CD.  You may not be able to create it directly to CD because the CD is read only.  You would need to write the help to CD before you can create the shortcut, then you would need to write the shortcut to the CD.  However, a shortcut could be a very bad idea because it will include a drive letter which may change from user to user.  Why not just have the user double click the help?  That is not much different than clicking the shortcut.


              I once created a simple dialog that would autorun on a CD.  It had buttons to install the software, read the manual, or watch instructional videos.  Each of these used the ShellExecute command to run the appropriate file from the CD. Perhaps your developer could crete something like that.

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                johndaigle Level 4

                Hey mcq172

                If I understand your original question, you want a "help button" to support the content on the Flash simulation. I may have have mistaken your intent, but I took this to mean you wanted a help button that launches the CHM help *from* the Flash simulation (versus launching the CHM which launches the Flash!)

                As John McCallum mentions, the shortcut doesn't work because of path issues.


                For my test, I used an Adobe Captivate movie though any Flash simulation would do. I inserted a simple Button object and directed the On Success action to link to a URL or File. Then, I browsed to the .CHM file to point to it.


                Then I published the Captivate project as a Media ".exe" with the autorun property "ticked". I published this to a folder that already contained the .CHM.

                When you burn the CD, all three files must be in the root:






                What happens is, the simulation runs, the user clicks on the Help button within the simulation interface and is presented with an Open/Save dialog. Click open and the CHM runs just fine right off the CD. The open/save dialog is necessary because of the usual CHM security issues.


                I realize this is Captivate-centric, but perhaps it will give you some ideas. If not, as Rick said, let us know.