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    Best way to make a short movie that can play back and forth smooth?




      I have a short .flv clip (video) of a shoe rotating 360 degrees.

      The clip is less then 4 seconds and about 320kb in size and I'm using flash CS4.


      I'm trying to build some sort of a player that lets the user scrub through the movie (back and forth).

      The player is also supposed to be able to play the clip back or forth at a speed selected by the user.


      I have read kglad's reply about "How to play backwards flv imported in timeline on flash cs3?", and the code works perfect, except that the video is not playing smooth when played backwards. I guess when playing normal, the next frames are by default buffered, but when playing backwards they are not...


      Which is the best way of doing this?.

      Maybe it has already been done? Has anyone heard about something similar?



      Thanks in advance!