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    The link between where a project is saved locally and where it outputs to

    Mark Pud Level 1
      Hi all,

      I've got a source controlled project where one of my clever developers decided to change the setting within the WebHelp Primary Layout "Select Output Folder and Start Page" to point to a network drive, because he thought this would be a good way of publishing the output directly to the network.

      He has been re-educated (!) but the issue I've got now is that when I've attempted to change this path back to the standard one, it is no longer tracking the local copy of the project on c: drives...

      What I mean is that if I have the project stored in "c:\proj_x" and I've set the Output Folder to back to "c:\proj_x\!SSL!\WebHelp\home.htm"... but my colleague has his local copy set to "c:\x_proj".. When he does a build, it now doesn't build to the !SSL! folder within his project, instead it creates the folder structure as per my settings "c:\proj_x\!SSL!\etc"

      So I'm wondering how I can restore the default behaviour that we have for our other projects, where RH will automatically build the Output within the same folder structure of wherever we have it saved on our local copies?!

      I suppose the other question might be around the potential impact of rolling back the .ssl folder via Source Control.. has anyone had any issues doing this?