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    What is the .TMP file that saves with the Captivate project?


      Hi everyone!


      I noticed that a .TMP file saves automatically with my Captivate projects, such as this one: Ado4F2.tmp. Out of curiosity, what is the function of this file and is it crucial that it is saved in the same folder as the original CP file? The reason I ask the latter is because it doesn't seem as though I'm able to move it when I move other CP files.


      Thanks, O Wise Captivate Gurus!



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          macrofireball Level 3

          Hello Krista,

          Captivate .tmp files are the name implies are temporary files. Typically temp files are created by applications to store some form of temporary data, in a permanent form than RAM, on your hard disk. TMP files are commonly produced either when a program can't allocate enough memory for its tasks, or as part of inter-process communication.


          Some Captivate users have had success in restoring their Captivate projects from the .tmp file. In Adobe Captivate 4 by default you will also notice that you have a .bak file. This is a backup of your Captivate project which you can use if for some reason your Captivate project file becomes corrupted.




          Best - Mark