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    Animation vs. AS3 Color Tranform

      Well, I have a challenge for everybody ... I am more than a month trying to solve this problem and could not.


      I will provide it. and FLA. AS for you, and the system is simple.


      Note that a comment that makes the exchange of colors of the two texts that are in the stage.


      These texts have a simple animation of an exchange of position between them.


      Now test the animation without the light to change color (leave it in comments and ctrl + enter) then withdraw the comment and test again.


      What we noticed is that if you leave the task of changing the color, the animation just does not happen. The button is stopped!


      The trace you can see that before, with the exchange of color commentary on the position of the text and one (in which I trace) changes completely, and now with the changing of colors, it is static.


      The challenge is to make this happen without being animated by the AS, is not worth animate via AS.


      I want a logical explanation for what to me is a big bug in flash, there is no explanation for this occur.


      I await answers to the topic, hugs and thank you now.


      André Rodrigues


      You can get the files here: