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    How to populate checkboxes dynamically using FLEX

    anu3000 Level 1

      I got an arraycollection "checklistItemDgArr".
      I need to show values from the array collection as Checkboxes dynamically.

      I can do using datagrid with data provider as Arraycollection, but i want to know how to do
      with out using datagrid.



      <mx:DataGrid  id="itemDg" dataProvider="{checklistItemDgArr}" x="10" y="10" width="300" height="400"  borderStyle="inset">
              <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Select?" dataField="isSelected" width="20" textAlign="center">
                 <mx:CheckBox click="data.isSelected=!data.isSelected;" selected="{data.isSelected}"/>
              <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="" dataField="checklistItemId" width="20" visible="false"/>
              <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Keyword" dataField="keyword" width="20" />
              <!--<mx:DataGridColumn headerText="Description" dataField="description" width="200"/>-->