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    RC4 encryption


      I'm trying to locate a Director lingo script or behavior that lets me encrypt a text string using RC4 and delivers the results as a HEX string.

      Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Why RC4 in particular?


          Did you check the Mile-High Table O'Products? What about Valentin Schmidt's lingo/JS-based encryption routines - you might find something there.

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            L.Berg Level 1

            Thanks for those pointers.  I have already seen lingo routines for blowfish and other encryption methods, but nothing specifically for RC4.  I am evaluating the pros and cons of implementing various data encryption methods in Director and RC4 is one of them I wanted to explore.

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              Applied CD Level 1

              Hey Brian,


              I responded to your PM but for anyone else reading I’ve got an RC4 script that will output a binary encrypted string and a second script that will encode the binary string to HEX. Both scripts are reversible so you can take a encrypted/encoded HEX string, decode it to binary, then decrypt it (with the right key) back to the original input.


              The advantage of RC4 is that it’s reasonably secure and well documented so it’s easier to implement across multiple platforms. In my case I needed to send secure data back and forth between Director and an ASP web server so I wrote a matched set of scripts in both Lingo and ASP. PHP would be just as straight forward but I wasn’t using php at the time.