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    Help! Lost Adobe Reader with update attempt!

      We had Adobe Reader 8, and we have never had an issue updating to newer versions. When 9 came out our computer went to do the update (it's set to automatically detect updates and start them early in the morning if we don't start them manual by then) but when it was almost done it popped up saying we didn't have the ability to do the update...something along the lines of not being the administrator on the computer. The computer login we were using is the one we always use and is most definately the administrator of the computer.

      I figured perhaps there was a glitch or something so I restarted the computer. Well now the old Adobe Reader is gone (the "update" erased the old version to be replaced by the new one) and when I go to restart the install it's telling me it's just a trial and that after 40 days I have pay for it.

      I can't just reinstall the original reader because we had it already installed on the computer when we bought it.

      Can anyone help?


      Meanwhile, anyone here good with fixing MS Office 2003 issues? We can't get the WordArt to print out right. It prints the graphics, but they're just blocks of color or white lettering in blocks of color. And it doesn't matter what Office program it is we use. Regular graphics print out fine, it's just the Word Art.


      Thanks in advance for any help!