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    How do I put a timestamp in a form field in a business process?

      At a specific step in the process, when a user approves a form, I would like to put their name and a timestamp in a text field that is locked.  I think there are some different ways to do this, but each has their own issues.


      Javascript in form:

      I could do this via javascript before the form is submitted, but how do I know which step in the process we are in?


      Business Process:

      I don't think I can directly access the form from the process.  I can read from the form, but cannot set values, correct?


      Custom Render Process:

      I have a custom render process but I would need to extract all the data from the form, merge with the xml for the new field, then merge back in with the document.  Not sure how to do this.


      Any ideas on what the best way to handle this would be?