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    simple effects to an image


      Hi there -


      I've got an image of a football player and I've overlayed some swirl designs and a faded company logo onto it. It looks really nice as a banner for a website, but I thought a bit of flash sparkle would just lift it up from just being a static image, but I don't want a complicated movie or anything. What I thought would look good would be to have it as a Flash image with a random "Lighting" effect... really subtle... so the logo may lighten up briefly, then there maybe a few tiny sparkles appearing on the image somewhere. Imagine (in the UK anyway) there's a screen where the commentator is reporting from a live match and the image they use has a picture of the club logo and a football ground. The logos sometimes shimmer and a bit of movement appears on it (like little spots of light 'dripping' on the image in random places.


      It's kind of hard to describe what I want and when I Google "Flash Flash" "Flash photo effect" "Flash photo Flashing effect" etc I can't get what I want... any ideas? If its an effect to buy for a few quid that's fine.



      Many thanks