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    FMR in Captivate 3


      Anxiously awaiting Captivate 4~meanwhile~


      I am having a bit of difficulty editing my FMR file I have created in Captivate 3. Can you even edit a FMR file in Captivate 3?


      I have been working on trying to split this up with FMR on one slide and static graphics on another thinking that is the direction I have to go.


      Problem being there is user interaction required on the first page or lets say in my first attempt in creating a demonstration I will show that the user needs to select an area on the first slide. This selection will get things moving in another area on that same slide. That area will get to a certain point and then the user will need to select another area but this data that is continually changing as a result of that first selection - it keeps running - never stopping. Hope this makes sense :|.


      It appears as though I need to stop and start this FMR from slide to slide. Don't know any other way to get around this or maybe just show all static graphics from slide to slide and do away with FMR completely at this time?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated,