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    How do you perform partial word search using PDF Open Parameters?



      We are using the 'search=' open parameter in the URL string, which open a PDF and automatically searches for a word within the PDF.  It works great for whole word searches. Unfortunately, it does not work for partial word, or phrases. In other words, if I'm searching on '123456' and there is a word in the document that is '1234567', it will not find the partial word, or first 6 characters of the 7 character word. You can perform a partial or phrased search using the advance search feature of Adobe Reader.  So, currently after the PDF opens, and shows no hits on the automatic search for '123456', we are able to manually search again for a partial word search, and then see matches in the document.  Is there any way to specify to use a whole or partial word search when using the 'search=' open parameter, so that we can automatically match on partial and whole words?  Something like 'search=123456*'?