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    Cannot open templates

      I have just loaded PH 6.52 on to a new laptop running Windows Vista and cannot open the templates.  When I click on a screen icon for a template or go to the Open/Templates section I receive an error Cannot Open File Error 8009:-001.  Any ideas for a fix would be greatly apreciated.  Thanks.

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          You've installed PageMaker 6.52 on Vista? Congrats on getting it to install, but after that all bets are off.   PM6.52 must getting on for 10 years old now.


          You could try changing the file extension to .P65 and see if that helps, but it's a long shot.


          From the Adobe KB:

          Q. Does Adobe PageMaker 7.x run on Windows Vista?

          A. Adobe PageMaker 7.x does not install or run on Windows Vista. Adobe announced in 2004 that it was ending development of PageMaker but would continue to sell and support the current version. It does not plan to update PageMaker to support Windows Vista.

          So there's no chance with PM6.52.


          If you have a PM Licence, treat yourself to a discounted copy of InDesign - it's far, far better.


          Iechyd da! John
          00:59 14/04/2009 BST

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            I am having the same problem--not being able to open templates.

            Now that I've read through your posts I know why.

            I am using Vista as well.  I did not know that PageMaker was not designed to work with

            Vista.  That explains a lot of problems that I have been having

            with the program.

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              Yes!  You can use templates with Vista.  First, make sure you installed the templates from your CD, or that you can access them on the CD by having it in your drive.


              Select the template that you want to open, and make sure you open it as an "original" (it defaults to "copy", which doesn't seem to work.)


              Good luck.  Mine work just fine!  I have Adobe 7.2 and I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium.

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                BigJohnD Level 3

                tinosh wrote:

                  Mine work just fine!  I have Adobe 7.2 and I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium.

                What's Adobe 7.2?



                Iechyd da! John
                23:47 04/10/2009 BST