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    Adobe Reader 8.1.3

      Hi everyone


      Ok so i am trying to deploy the Reader 8.1.4 patch and running into issues.  We currenlty run 8.1.2.  I know that the patch is incremental so i need to install.8.1.3 then 8.1.4.  The issue that i am running into is with 8.1.3.  I use the Adobe Customizatio wizard to automate and customize my reader deployments.  So our 8.1.2 is a custum install.  But when i try to work with the 8.1.3 install i can't customize it.  When i extract the 8.1.3 install files, it has no CAB file, setup.exe, or setup.ini.  so i am not able to customize it.  It seam that when i run the install for 8.1.3 it downloads the files from the web during the install, but i am not able to find where on the computer its caching them.  Does anyone have any idea?