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    Orders Management


      Hi - I was using the orders management tutorial from the old InterAkt Online site and I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it. We are setting up a simple cart and would like to be able to save it so when a user logs back in on a different day, s/he could acess the cart. We would also like to have the cart expire after a certain amount of days. Any sugegestions are greatly appreciated.



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          Waleed Barakat Level 1


          If you want to keep the user logged in for number of days i think you should have to save user information in his computer history (cookies), but what if the user deleted the entire history including the cookies? i think everything will vanish away.


          So i suggest thay you have to think in some other way to keep logged in user information in another related table in your database for number of days related to his status, this also will help you to determine wether s/he want to remain signing in or logout.



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            jlhorowitz Level 1

            Hi Waleed


            Thanks for the reply and my aplogies for replying so late. I will look into it. The only confusing part I found was that the tutorial uses session ids to create an order, and I need to figure out how that will work with the user logging in and accessign an order after a few days.