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    Embedded vs. External video file?


      Started playing around with a Flash tutorial on video and saw two options to use a video clip with an SWF file.

      I wanted some clarification:

      Embedding the file creates a huge SWF, while having the file external allows for a smaller SWF, right?

      But in order to use the external file, you must use AS to call functions, right?

      External file allows for update to the file (externally) without having to republish, right? duh.


      One thing I noticed about embedding, I can scrub on th Timeline and see frame-by-frame of the video file.

      But, can't do that when it is loaded externally - it shows a box with an 'x', and can't see video 'til I publish.


      Scrubbing frame-by-frame is ideal for me because I sync certain elements within the SWF file with the video file.


      When loaded externally, can't do that. (I guess a workaround would be to use the video file externally, but also embed it on a layer I can later delete, that way I have the frame-by-frame ability.


      Now, AS2 or AS3 for video playback? My tutorial is AS2, and was done in MX 2004, I am using CS4 - does that matter for AS?


      Thanks. Isn't this fun?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Pretty much all of your conclusions are correct, except if you want to synchronize the video with the timeline, your best bet is to embed the file.  It's not likely that what you edit based on an embedded version that you later delete will remain synched as intended with a file being dynamically loaded/played in its place.