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    Problem with Presenter project playing on website

      I have a problem with my Presenter project performing properly when loaded on my website.

      I've created an eight page demo project with video in the sidebars, one with video in the slide, and a few slides with some object fly-ins.  The problem I'm dealing with now is that the video, whether in the sidebar or in the slide, is starting after a delay.  The slide's timer, however, starts right up and rolls along and then finishes, ending the slide's video prematurely.

      (This doesn't happen when you play the video again in the same session)

      This looks bad in a demo thats trying to sell the service.  So far, this only happens when playing from my website.  Anyone have an idea on how to keep the slide timer from running ahgead of the video starting?

      I have tried publishing with the Presentation Settings -> Quality tab -> Control Preloading set to both "Download slides completely" and "Disable preloading."  It seems counterintuitive, but having it set to "disable preloading" works much better and minimizes the video delay.

      I have also imported the video at the lowest quality setting, but this doesn't seem to affect the problem. 

      My demo is located here:


      Am I (and my clients) just going to have to accept these glitches?  Is there some way to load everything before the player, or at least the slide, appears?