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    Premiere multiclip bug?

    teamhood Level 1

      Hey all,


      I'm a new user to Adobe Premiere Pro, but I have used Apple Final Cut Pro for years before switching to Adobe CS4 on my PC. While I miss working in a familiar application like FCP, I have found these forums and videos online that quickly bring you up to speed on the Adobe product. So here are the details about my project and I hope that someone has an idea what the heck is going on.



      A 2 camera concert shot with Canon HV30 cams in HDV mode. Footage was captured in Premiere Pro and the files are located on one 400GB IDE internal hard drive and a USB 1TB hard drive. The reason these are on  different hard drives is because I found there to be a lot of issues when editing the footage if both videos were located on the same hard drive. I'm not sure what the RPM is on the IDE, but I would assume that 5400 would be sufficient, but I could be making an *** out of myself


      The issue:

      This is a 2 set concert and I made my way through the first set with minimal issues. I had 1 or 2 Adobe Premiere Pro unexpectedly quit screens, which suggested that I create a new project file - done worked through that.


      Set 2 is where I noticed some strange issues. I have a sequence titled 'Set 1' and another titled 'Set 1 multicam'. The Set 1 sequence is where I added both clips to the timeline and synced both of them up with an external audio source. I then created 'Set 1 multicam' where I placed Set 1 sequence into the timeline for Set 1 Multicam. I opened the multicam window, clicked enable and I was off to the races. After completing Set 1 edit, I went back and was watching through my edits where all of a sudden the sound in the middle of the song cut out when it switched camera angles. I went back and checked Set 1 sequence and there is not audio drop at this one point. I tried to think what the heck could be causing this so I randomly tried switching the camera angle and all of a sudden the music is back on. I switch back and the music is no longer there.


      So the way I have Set 1 sequence setup is 2 video clips and 1 audio clip. All of them are turned on and when I first went through the edit I did not have missing audio and that would have been a major red flag.


      Does anyone know what the heck is happening? I can make a clip if that might help... but I think the above describes the problem pretty well. I don't think it is a computer issue as I'm running a Q6600  CPU, 3GB RAM, 1GB Video card that is working very nicely.


      Hopefully someone can help me as I'm afraid that I lost many hours of work because of this...

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          tclark513 Level 3

          I'm not sure what the RPM is on the IDE, but I would assume that 5400 would be sufficient, but I could be making an *** out of myself

          Your right...you are making an *** out of your self.  Just kidding


          The drive should at least be 7200 and faster then a USB.  You should be using sata.  Also make sure that your project setting are 60i for that camera.  Many people make the mistake that if they shoot 24p with that camera that they use a 24p preset.  Everything that comes out of that camera is 60i or wrapped in 60i.  That will change with the HV40.

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            Phil Griffith Level 2

            same thing with the ide drive. ditch it and get another sata drive.

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              teamhood Level 1

              So everyone believes that because of slow hard drives that in the middle of the clip I loose audio? I don't get that at all as it comes back on on about a minute later or when I change camera angles!

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Your wife asks you to peel the patatoes, press fresh orange juice, do the shopping, fill up the tank of your car, get some cash from the bank, and mow the lawn, all at the same time. Something has got to give, since you can't be at five places at the same time. Same with your disk. The heads can't be in several places at the same time, so a queue occurs, like a traffic jam.


                Simple comme toujours.

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                  teamhood Level 1

                  Alright... well I guess I will push all the video and audio tracks over to my SATA C: drive and see what the heck happens. I will be sure to check in after it is complete!


                  Thank you for the help!

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                    Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Putting your media on the C: drive will be a major mistake.  Run out and get yourself some real drives (SATA)  for internal usage or if you do not have room internally only use eSATA drives.  I never have had any problems with both cameras in a two camera shoot on my same RAID array.


                    Did you stop and start your camera when you moved it that might cause sync problems.  I also recently have had a (apparently) a HDV tape slippage on a well used camera that did not show up as a missed frame on capture but careful (painstaking) examination of the footage revealed a frame or two either partly or completely red or green which caused an audio sync problem.

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                      teamhood Level 1

                      Yeah I went and pulled my hot spare SATA drive from my RAID and dropped it into my computer. Moved all video clips to the SATA drive and the problem still exists.


                      There is no problem with the audio source from the clips because I deleted the original audio sources. I synced both camera angles to an external audio source (SBD audio) and everything is fine when I scrub through the timeline titled Set 1 sequence where I have both camera angles synced to the sbd audio source.


                      The problem is that after I finished the entire set edit, which went without a hitch... there are gaps in audio playback as I described above. I ruled out the fact that it's a hard drive speed problem by moving everything to a new hard drive and relinked the clips in Premiere Pro to read off the new HD.


                      It also wouldn't make sense that this one spot would not have audio when camera 2 is selected, but if I switch it back to camera 1 the audio is there. The audio is no linked to either video clip...


                      Any other ideas??

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                        teamhood Level 1

                        Well I think that I found the problem here, but I need some help fixing it.


                        It seems that for whatever reason when Camera 2 is selected it also changed the audio source to MC2 and didn't leave it at MC1. How do I change the audio source to remain at MC1? I am betting the farm that this is the problem... because all the other edits are tied to MC1 for audio except this clip!




                        Here is a quick screen grab...

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                          teamhood Level 1

                          Well it seems the more I scrub through the project the more problems that I see that are the same. Whenever I used the multiclip monitor to edit it will change the audio from MC1 to MC2. Is there a solution to revert all the clips in the timeline to MC1?

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                            teamhood Level 1

                            I'm not sure what happened, but I figured out how to unlink and change audio sources. I really have no idea how this happened with the multiclip, but whatever...

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                              Andy Urtu Level 1

                              There is an option in mutlicam editing wether or not "Audio follows video".   Uncheck this.  That way it will always use Audio one.