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    dvd play back on Tv is 4:3 , also poor  playback quality

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      I recently purchased a jvc everio HDD, Along with that I purchased elements 7.  I am having many issues with the software. I am new to editing but have researched all the posts and done alot of home work. I have read the all the post about mod files. But I am more confused


      Issue one... When I burn a dvd and play it back on any dvd player the video is compressed back to a 4:3 aspect. I have noticed that the video is squeezed and everything appears to be skinny when viewing.


      To clarify , My camera films in 16:9 ratio. When I set up My new project I choose . Hard disk/widescreen (this setting say it is for video files produced by jvc everio). When Ii am done I choose burn/dolby widescreen.


      when I import my video clips to my pc, it saves them as mov.files. which I understand is a quicktime format... is this causeing the issue.


      I was convinced it was a camera issue. So I burnt some clips using my pc burner program and played them on my tv and they were in 16:9 and played just fine and the video looked amazing..


      Issue two.... When I bring my video's in I loose alot of quality.  Also my clips hae glitches in them , some are green clitches and others are neg art of other clips . I played back on my media player ,these glitches are not there.


      Issue three..... When I import my clips , the PRE viewer is very pixelly ( like really bad webcam bad) it is so bad that I actually took the sony camcorder back, thinking that the issue was my camera. I then exchanged for the jvc..... I have watched many utube tutorials on youtube... and have been able to see that the players are not as pixelly as mine....


      Help....... I am so frustrated with purchaseing software and having problems.

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          With MOD files are imported into Premiere Elements they are not properly interpreted as 16:9... they will appear as 4:3 on the timeline and if burnt to DVD will play back as 4:3. You need to right click on the clips in the project Media Panel and select Interpret footage and then Conform To and select the 16:9 widescreen preset.


          Not sure why it is saying the videos are .mov files, did you do ant conversion before importing. Regarding the glitchy distorted frames, try renaming the file  in the Program Files folder for Premier Elements "ImporterFastMPEG.prm" to something else. PE7 will not use it then and this should eliminate you bad frame problems.


          The Premiere Elements viewer does not show the final quality of the video but should not be that bad. Did you render the timeline by pressing the Enter button on your keyboard... this needs to be done for non DV-AVI format video or when you place effects/transitions/title on the clips. The clips will playback without rendering but playback will be much smoother and cleaning after rendering.


          Most of these issues can be overcome be converting your video to DV-AVI before importing to Premiere Elements. The "box" says PE7 plays with many file types but it struggles with many and MOD files is one format that it does struggle with. DV-AVI is handled natively and gives no problems. Can you import the clips into the software that came with the camcorder and export to DV-AVI? Otherwise you could use MPEG_Streamclip to convert them. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/415317?tstart=0


          Also a lot of these issues are discussed in this thread. Dont know if you saw this one. http://forums.adobe.com/message/1757486#1757486

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            It seems that it would be better to just get a new camera that saves files in the correct format, I can return it. What brand will work the best with my software. Will Sony or Panasonic work seamlessly?

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              JVC uses the TOD extention for hi-def on HD models, which is something proprietory that no other cam manufatcurer uses. PE7 seems to be trying to interpret your footage as some kind of QT format (which TOD is not). Try copying your files to your computer drive and then renaming the extention to M2TS. That may be all it takes. It is quite possible though that PE7 won't be able to edit the footage properly at all. If not, you can either convert the footage to another more standard AVCHD format with a 3rd party program or get another cam. PE7 can handle AVCHD files natively and can do it quite well with other camcorders like Panny and Canon.


              Here's a good converter you can try: MPEG StreamClip You'll still need to change the extention to M2TS first. Make sure you've gone to your folder and change it so that you can view extentions. You do that by clicking on "tools/folder options/view" and choosing the option that says: "show hidden files and folders". This is something Windows should do by default if the powers that be at Microsoft had any sense to begin with. Why they chose to have ententions hidden is beyond me.

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                Paul_LS Level 4

                The most compatible models for operation with PE7 and most video editors are those that capture to miniDV tapes... so DV camorders for standard definition on HDV MPEG2 camcorders for high definition. Issue is of course is that you have to capture over Firewire to a Firewire card, very easy to install if you dont have one in your PC... literally plug and play. The newer harddrive and flash memory camcorders are more convienient in that they download over USB... but generally are less compatible with video editors.

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                  Actually, AVI is the most easy to edit format, of which DV is just one of many compression schemes used with it. It's also quickly becoming an outdated format. AVCHD needs a lot of horsepower to edit, but let's be realistic--it is the codec of the future, especially since Panasonic and Canon have jumped in with both feet. I would venture to say that SD miniDV cams will be a thing of the past within another five years, as will HDV. They served us well, but... onward and upward.

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                    Paul_LS Level 4

                    I agree that in 5 years it will be hard to find a tape based camcorder. I have both a high definition HDV tape based camcorder and an AVCHD based camcorder and I love the convenience of the AVCHD camcorder but hate the stress of editing, even on my quad core. Even though it will be outdated and even possibly not available in 5 years time that is no reason not to use the technology today and save yourself some headaches. Save them up for 5 years time...

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                      So for a newbee such as myself , whom wants a HDD camera, and wants to used PE7 with as little stress as poss. Which manufacture is the best option for me?   Why dont the maufactures  advertise what codec they use  

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                        Well right now HDV edits much easier, so you might consider that. An HDV based cam will still serve you well for a few years more I think. If you want something in the same price range as the JVC but that records in HDV (and to miniDV tape) then I'd look at the Canon HV40. If you want to go with the more cutting edge stuff in the AVCHD format and in the same price range, then I would look at the new Canon HF S10 (HD based).

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                          Paul_LS Level 4

                          If you want a hard drive camcorder, that captures to standard definition then I would not recommend working with PE7. Other editors such as Corel VideoStudio work much better with these type of camcorders. If you still want to work with PE7 and want a standard definition camcorder, then it is best to avoid the JVC Everio camcorders that record in the MOD format and also avoid MPEG4 based camcorders. Your best bet would be to use a straight MPEG2 based camcorder.


                          That said, it is harder and harder to find standard definition camcorders, virtually all models on the shelves are high definition models as Charles lists. PE7 supports both high definition HDV and AVCHD formats. You could go for a high definition AVCHD camcorder and if you didn't want to work in high definition you could down convert to MPEG2 with the supplied software before editing in PE7. When you are ready to work with high definition you can then edit the straight high definition AVCHD footage.