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    Adobe Reader will not open (Mac)

      I installed a trial of Acrobat and something went wrong.  When I ran it for the first time it said that certain elements needed repair and asked if I wanted to repair or get rid of the Safari plug in and the Adobe virtual printer.  Then it said Internal Error (no number) and crashed.  Running it again skipped the first step and just gave me Internal Error, crash.  This also broke Adobe Reader.  It, too, says Internal Error and then crashes.


      Things I have tried:

      Uninstalling/reinstalling both programs several times.

      Fixing permissions.

      Verifying the disk.

      Scouring every single file I could track down with Adobe in the name out of the Applications and Library (both system and user) folders.  Then reinstalling a freshly downloaded Reader.  It still returned Internal Error.

      Downloading the CS4 cleanup script, which said I had no installations (presumably because I'd already deleted all those files).


      I don't know for sure that a corrupt Acrobat installation is even to blame for this.  I rarely use Reader, so it could have been broken for weeks.  And the two share very similar purpose, so it could be some jointly used bit of code or file that's the problem for all I know.  Photoshop continued to work fine until I removed it with every other Adobe file.


      What can I do to make them work?  Especially Reader.