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    showbusy cursor and tabbing


      I have a set of 7 columns in an advanced datagrid which are created statically, then i have the columns which are created dynamically with rendered TextInput and Combobox. first 7 columns contain the summary of the dynamic fields. User enters the value in dynamic columns and some heavy calculation is done behind the scene. on the basis of that calculation 7 static columns are updated.

      here i am facing 2 issues.


      1. I am not able to maintain the tab sequence, because after every calculation the dataprovider is refreshed and focus moves out from the current control.
      2. I want to show busy cursor while flex renders the grid. i can show while doing calculation but at the time of rendering it dissappear. is there any way we can handle the rederingStartevent and renderingCompleteEvent.
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          _Natasha_ Level 4

          About the first problem.

          After user chenge data (itemEditEnd event) you can save position in dataGrid and restore it after dataGrid updateComplete.


          About the second problem.

          In ADG there are events:

          render - Dispatched when the display list is about to be updated and rendered.


          updateComplete - Dispatched when an object has had its commitProperties(), measure(), and updateDisplayList() methods called (if needed).

          So you can listen these events and show busy cursor between them. But if application needs much resources (CPU, memory...) cursor disappeared. But you can try it.