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    preparing for iTunes - Betas???

    fredo viola Level 1

      Hi all,


      So I'm a multi-media artist and my label has just released a body of my work in France and on most of iTunes around the world. Everything sounds great, but my videos LOOK HORRID on iTunes!  I can't understand it, as I have delivered to them digital files most of which have 1080p HD resolution.  We have tried uploading twice, the first time it just looked so jaggy, the second time a tad less jaggy but sped up. 


      So I just got word from the label, the problem must have occured with the house that sent iTunes the Betas.   BETAS?!  These videos were prepared not for Beta tape but to remain digital on the internet. 


      So my question is, to anyone who has had experience dealing with iTunes, is that always necessary to give them Beta tape?  Can't we prepare iTunes files and just send them those?


      Any help would be much appreciated!


      Warmest regards,

      Fredo Viola

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          TimeRemapper Level 4

          Hey Fredo!


          Nice to see you back on the forum.

          Apple has some very specific guidelines about how their media is to be uploaded for the iTunes store.

          You don't have to have your work laid-off to tape, and then redigitized. That's nonsense.

          You may want to check out Apple's requirements page, and encode the file yourself using Compresser, Squeeze, QTPro (although, Compressor does a much better job).


          If you follow the general guidelines for the iPhone/iPod Touch/Apple TV, you should be in business:


          We've encoded 1080p footage down to their specs, and it's come out looking decently (via Compressor).


          Or, does the label not want you to provide the encoded file?


          One of the only reasons that a post-house would have laid the footage off to HD tape (not beta, or even Digibeta, if you provided them with a true HD file), would be if they were running the output of the deck through a hardware encoder. In which case, it should have very good quality as long as they were using the correct profile for encoding.


          If you do supply them with a compressed file, make sure they don't re-compress it. They might be running it through a compression utility regardless of what you give them.

          Your best bet is to contact the house that's actually uploading the content to Apple, and see what kind of gear they're using.

          That will help determine the best course of action.

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            ChrisPoisson Level 1



            Hello my friend, been way too long! Looks like Steve got your answer, but I just wanted to say hi to you! Hope all is well...

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              fredo viola Level 1

              thanks, old pals!  I knew I'd get great advice from one of you two!  :)  I passed on your answer to my label.  They're seeing about it now. I have to say, I have continued to have issues with scan lines... so I had worried something like this would have happened once the files were out of my hands...


              Anyway, salutations to you both!  Hope you are doing well.

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                TimeRemapper Level 4

                Hey again!


                If you're seeing scanline issues, could it be because you're not separating the fields on import into your project (if the source was interlaced)?

                For iTunes, you'll probably want to give them a progressive source from which to encode, and not an interlaced one, which it appeared as if you were doing anyway.

                Were you only seeing the scanline issues after they compressed the files, or prior on your Hi-Res stuff?

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                  fredo viola Level 1

                  Well, here's the thing.. When I first bought the camera (panasonic hvx200) I assumed rooting 1080p would yield progressive footage.  Yet, after importing using FCP the footage imposed mysterious scan artifacts.  It's a strange situation, as I often shoot with the camera on it's side.  And I tried setting the footage to every possible way you can imagine, and always rendered progressive.   The video in question can be seen here, btw: http://www.vimeo.com/1857947  You can see the vertical scan problems in the church organ...  And I have no idea how to fix the derned thing.  But apparently what the label did was transfer my pal versions to Beta (I hope digiBeta at least!) and then retransferred back to a digital file format, so I guess in the transfer to Beta scan lines were reintroduced.  Either way, they aren't sure if I will be able to feed them new movies!  They're looking into it!  But your email definitely helped in the cause, so thanks again!

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                    TimeRemapper Level 4

                    Ahhh.. DVCProHD.

                    I hate that format. It could be worse, though.

                    Your 1080 file was probably not 1920 wide but 1280 wide (with a big 'ole PAR) due to how the information is stored with that codec. Did you shoot i, p, or pA?


                    Anyway, I've seen weird scanline issues that have only been resolved by "force de-interlacing", if that makes any sense.

                    You would have to either manually strip one set of fields, and duplicate/offset it vertically by 1 pixel, and by doing so, make each field identical (force it to be progressive).


                    I used Tinderbox's "DeField" effect with excellent results on some DVCProHD footage that was hacked together.

                    Whoever shot what I got was a mix between 24pN, 24p, and 29.97 edits.

                    I had to separate out the shots, and treat them all differently,  but it ended up working very well.


                    BTW, the vimeo link seems to be misguided.

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                      fredo viola Level 1

                      oh Lord, it's all so confusing!


                      Why why why all the different formats???  Also, I shoot NTSC but have to feed them Pal.  ugh and a half squared. 


                      I'll check out that tinderbox plugin you recommended.  Thanks!

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                        fredo viola Level 1

                        oh and for Moon I shot p, or so I thought... I know since then I have started shooting at 720pa for sure, and I don't have the same problem anymore.

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                          TimeRemapper Level 4

                          Why why why all the different formats???