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    Debugging Over Javascript Bridge.

      Hi all,


      I have a flex application which spawns a child flex application in a child web browser window.  The parent application spawns the child, and also communicates data, via javascipt functions.  My current problem is that I cannot debug over the javascript 'bridge' between the two applications.   I am using Eclipse with the Flex builder plugin, and can successfully use the debugger to debug each application separately.  I have also successfully attached the command line fdb to the spawned child application, however ideally i would like to have two debugger instances within eclipse/flex builder;  the first instance will monitor the main application, and the second will sit waiting for the child application to spawn, then attach.


      Is there a way of kick starting a debugger which is not attached to a application (similar to running the fdb on the command line) in eclipse/flex builder?


      Any thoughts appreciated...


      Thanks Pete