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    Duplicates groups advancedDataGrid

      I am developing an application with backend on .net.
      I'm trying to pool data through ObjCliente.Nombre tag with the following code, but repeated sample groups but with different content, although I try to sort the data, the last function that is executed is groupFunc, which takes random elements the grid, and start by grouping objects, but only the row. For example, I have 4 ObjectProxy in ArrayCollection that have the following information in ObjCliente.Nombre:

      ObjCliente.Nombre 1 = "foo"
      ObjCliente.Nombre 2 = "raul"
      ObjCliente.Nombre 3 = "foo"
      ObjCliente.Nombre 4 = "foo"

      This would generate 3 clusters, the first "foo", the second "raul" and the third "foo"

      If anyone can help me so kindly.

      Xml and code here: