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    PE 7 crashes when I click "Disc Menus" tab

      I had PE 4 and loved it for a long time and had to reformat hard drive / lost disc so I figured I'd update to PE 7.  Even when I create a new empty project, when I click on the disc menus tab the program crashes and says:


      AppName: adobe premiere elements.exe AppVer: ModName: dvdcreator.dll

      ModVer: Offset: 00086c2a


      I have attempted nearly all of the troubleshooting tips.  Video, audio driver, BIOS are up to date.  System is: Dell Latitude D620 laptop, Intel Core Duo 1.66GHZ, 2 GB Ram.  I realize the system isn't ideal but I thought it was more than enough and PE 4 worked great.  Any ideas?