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      Here's the problem:


      Using Premiere CS4


      I'm using the Matrox Rt.X2 and I'm having problems.  I'm not getting video in either or one of the monitors (seems to be different at different times for no reason.)


      The current time indicator won't stop exactly when I hit the stop button on the preview monitor..making it very difficult to make a clean edit. It seems to jump a few frames.


      It crashes on me when I either start to edit photos or when I edit sound or effects or sometimes just for no reason at all.


      I tried capturing without the Matrox card and I'm still having some of the same issues which would leave me to believe it's an adobe problem?


      All my drivers and software are up to date.


      The videoguys.com suggested that it might be a bad video card but this is a new system ( a week old) and I would assume a stable card since it's on the capability adobe page.


      Here's the system:

      VISTA 64 Bit system

      Matrox Rt.x2

      Video card: GEForce 9600

      Motherboard: MB ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 1366

      CPU Intel Core I7 920 2.66G 445N

      6 GB of Ram

      3TB of space

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Try a standard non-Matrox project. Capture from the camcorder into this project. Do not use Matrox captured material. Can you repeat the problem?

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            thesilverscreen Level 1

            Hey Harm,


            I did capture not using Matrox into a non Matrox project and the same things are according...a little bit worse. There is no video in the source monitor or the timeline monitor. However, if I which the Playback setting from Adobe Player to Matrox Player, then the video comes up in the source monitor but not the timeline monitor, even though I captured without the Matrox.


            I don't know what to do. I originally thought all the problem were with with Matrox and I'm running out of time to return it.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              If I were in your shoes, I would return the Matrox and get a refund. With your system it does not make sense to use a Matrox.


              For the problem, time for more details. Source material, project/sequence settings, video card driver, processes running, etc.

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                thesilverscreen Level 1

                Thanks Harm,


                Do you think the problem could be with Adobe CS4 since I captured it in a non-Matrox project and it was still not working properly or does Matrox card get involved even when I tell it not to?


                Here's the details in the original Matrox project.


                Filming on Sony z1U, using HDV tapes. 1440 x 1080 (60i)

                Capturing with Matrox in a Matrox project, HDV, 1440 x 1080 (60i)

                Playback sequence, using the Matrox Player  (I'm not sure how much detail you need with the settings, there are a lot of them, is there something specifically you might see as a problem? I put some as an attachments.


                Using a NVIDIA GEFORCE 9600 as the video card (set on Quality and not Performance), resolution 1440 x 900 (recommended for my monitor)


                Processess running with Adobe being the only program open: alot. Here are the big ones: Adobe Premiere Pro.exe (obviously)... 1,679,09...





                thanks in advance.

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  Thanks for the details, but unfortunately that is not enough for me to help you yet. I need more info.


                  If you look through this post, you will find links to ProcessExplorer and some other programs that will give a lot of data, without having to post ten's of posts with questions. Look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/416679?tstart=60

                  The other suggestions (DXDIAG/MSINFO32 etc.) are worthwhile to in order too find what is happening.