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    Flex Task Chart?

      Pl. find attached a screenshot which i generated using Advanced data grid control. It takes lot of time and effort to work with data grids and they are not that flexible. So can anyone pl. suggest any charting component which satisfy my requirement?

      1) I require horizontal and vertical scrolling

      2) rowspan and colspan features

      3) Colour the cells to represent an object

      4) Ability to give a hyperlink for the coloured portion

      5) Ability to drag a coloured portion from one place to another with in the chart.



      Pl. find attached the screenshot.



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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          The iLog Elixir components are a piece of art but they're kinda expensive.

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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6

            I would create your own custom component for this. Sometimes you have to scale back your goals a bit if you try to things that are too hard to implement, but you'll learn a lot about Flex, you will have a nice component for your app, and it might even generate ideas and opportunities about how to see your component.

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              Level 1

              Thanks Greg for the suggestion.

              Two things I would like to know:


              1) Can you pl. give any pointers to start on the component development in Flex? I am new to Flex.


              2) We use J2EE as the base for our development. So we want to fit the new flex control onto the JSP page using tag libraries. Hope that is the correct approach.