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    Minimal turn-key server package for testing Flex locally?

    pxstein Level 1

      For testing Flex 3 connecting a web server I would like to try it at first locally on my hard disc prior to
      deploy it on my remote web server


      What is the minimum server package I need to run Flex communication with a server ?

      Is TomCat or Apache or JBoss enough?

      Is there a simple step-by-step guide for setting up such a starter server installation
      to prepare later Flex-to-server communication?


      Maybe there a downloadable, pre-configured server package which need just to be

      extracted and runs out-of-the box?


      I would like to focus on FlexBuilder development/handling rather than server setup.

      So again is there a pre-built server package or an easy setup guide for servers?


      Thank you