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    premiere pro cs4 audio sync problem after installing update

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      after installing the update 4.0.1 for Premiere Pro CS4, i start having problem with audio being out of sync.
      my HD footage is from JVC camera, PPro recognize it as 720p/50 fps, although i don't remember if i had it recorded with that frame rate (i might have). since i can't find 720p/50 preset on PPro, i just used 720p/25 and it worked fine, video and audio had no problem, so i just started editing, until yesterday i updated to 4.0.1, and suddenly the audio being out of sync by 2 secs or so.
      Now even if i created a new test sequence (25fps) on the same project and dropped the footage to that sequence, it's immediately out of sync on the playback. this was not the case before the update.

      the clip has been cut to many small chunks here and there so it will be a nightmare if i have to manually sync every single of them.
      Any idea? i don't want to have to start from scratch again after this many days works.