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    Random Questions




      I have built a quiz with 10 random questions generated from 6 question banks of 10 questions per bank.  Each of the questions is formatted exactly the same - they display for 240 seconds and then automatically advance to the next slide. 


      When I launch the project however,  when a student responds to the exam they are given a total of only 240 seconds to take all 10 questions - otherwise the images and question slides are grayed out - they are still active (I have successfully completed the exam using the grayed out slides) but to a user it appears as though they are not able to complete nor score the exam.  I am a novice so I am sure I turned something on that I shouldn't but have no idea where to begin looking - any suggestions are appreciated.....

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          KerryWilson Level 2

          Sounds like your slide is pausing as the elements on the slide are in the transition of "fade out".


          Whatever is pausing your slide needs to move up the timeline before everything starts to "fade out".


          Or stop your elements from fading out. Go into the properties for each element on your slide, Options tab and modify the "transition" setting to no transition or "fade in only".



          However, if this problem is peculiar to quiz slides, you may need to wait for a reply from one of the Cap Gurus.




          Hope this helped,



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            bethanyfaber Level 1

            I think I figured it out based on this - thanks for your help!!!!


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              KerryWilson Level 2

              Awww... no gold star?




              Glad I could help.