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    Customized bullets in RH 7



      Has anyone created a customized bullet in RoboHelp 7? I'm trying to create a nested bullet that uses a dash. The only way that I can figure out is to manually type the dash for each bullet item. Is there another way?



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          Hmm, if you've got your own bullet graphic it used to work well in good old RH X5: Right-click the bullet item > Select Bullets and Numbering > Specify a Bullet image


          RH7 (less old, but in my humble opinion also less good than X5) has same fuctionality, but it has stopped working for me:


          When using the Bullets and Numbering dialog for inserting an image as a bullet, it initially works fine. In my case the path to the graphic is a relative one (e.g. ../../MyGraphics/MyImage.jpg). But only until I close the topic. The next time I open it, RH has forcefully corverted the path so it points to a non-relative location on the C: drive (where of course the graphic is not located). Consequently I get the dreaded red placeholder square instead of my bullet graphic.


          This has effectively made it impossible for me to use own graphics a bullets since I upgraded to RH 7. I wonder if there any reason behind this behaviour?


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            robert-sfl Level 1

            Yes thats a bug in RoboHelp 7. It shows up when the style sheel is not located at the same level as the topic you are currently editing. Then RH includes a wrong path into the style sheet and the image does not apear. You can manually edit the path and correct it in the same list style dialog though. I have always been using images for dashed list styles if required.


            I just saw that the bug is evidently fixed in RH 8 so perhaps you might try a service release: http://www.adobe.com/support/robohelp/downloads.html