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    Disabling form validation during submitForm



      I've been fighting an issue that I cannot resolve. I need help.



      I have a large number of pdf forms that I need to modify to allow online submission. Some of these forms are very long (14-17 pages) so we need to allow the user to save the pdf and come back later to complete it.


      So, I've got a solid app that opens the pdf from the database in whatever level of completeness it was saved. My problem is forms that have required fields. The submitForm method won't let the user proceed without supplying data for the required fields.


      I have written javascript that iterates through all of the form fields and places a space in any required fields. Then, on the server side, I trim the data. That works great - except for required fields that provide a format (like phone numbers & zip codes).



      How can I disable field validation on submitForm?