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    Can I Control Memory Usage?

    lmenningen Level 1

      I'm starting a new project. The project now has only three camera files of about 24 minutes (1920x1080i mpeg2), a few short "resource" files, and three sequences (the multi, the target, and a short 10-sec intro), yet when I restart PremierePro CS4 I get the warning "Adobe Premiere Pro is running low on memory..."


      The system has 12GB and uses Vista 64-bit. In the past I would see that warning only when the Project panel is filled with all sorts of stuff, but this project is just getting started.


      I notice that already the Task Manager > Processes tab, Commit Size is 3,439,732K (it fluctuates slightly just sitting there while I type this), which is probably what triggered that warning.


      Is there any thing I could be doing in Premiere, rearranging something or moving files around or whatever, to control memory usage to keep that Commit Size from being so large?

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Not directly, no. You can try Optimize rendering for available memory


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            Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I am not sure if this is significant with Vista 64, but how many processes do you have running?


            This is one of those strage situations that only I seem to run into but I just looked at my Vista 64 editing computer on the Task Manager Processes tab and do not see a "Commit Size".  I only have a percentage memory usage.  I currently have only 4 GB of RAM (yes, I know that is a waste of Vista 64 capabilities).  As soon as I sell this useless FX1700 I will upgrade.


            Eddie, wasn't there a problem long ago when excess fonts or something seemingly unrelated that caused a low memory problem?

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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              Bill, that does ring a bell. Excessive fonts take up a lot of memory for no good reason.




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                lmenningen Level 1

                1. Commit Size is a selectable column - from Task Manager choose View > Select Columns, then check Memory - Commit Size.

                2. Commit Size is (I believe for some reason, but can't defend) the address space allocated by the OS to the application, not the actual amount of physical main memory currently tied up by the application. The number of processes is not relevant because the OS performs paging. Since Premiere Pro CS4 is still a 32-bit application (I don't know what it means when people say "optimized for 64-bit") having a Commit Size of 3.4+ GB is approaching the PC 32-bit limit (after you subtract out the fixed addresses).

                3. I read about Eddie Lotter's first suggestion and it makes sense, but I haven't proved it yet.

                4. Just after my post PPro crashed; I sent in the crash message to Adobe, reloaded the project, and this time the Commit Size wasn't even 1GB!!! Yes, this was before I could try Eddie's suggestion.



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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  (I don't know what it means when people say "optimized for 64-bit")


                  According to a developer, it means that Premiere used to be a single process application limited to the normal default of 2GB of mapped memory.  This meant that every operation Premiere was performing had to fit within that same 2GB of memory.


                  But with CS4, it can spawn multiple processes, each of which can use the full 2GB normally assigned to apps.  So if you have 8 GB of RAM (only possible in 64 bit), Premiere can now actually use more of that than it could if it was only a single running process.


                  Make sense?

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                    That helped me as well.  Thanks.  Those are my current conditions ^^


                    I noticed that it was running better