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    Flex App and ASP.NET printing

      Is it possible to have flex application embedded in ASP.NET and use ASP.NET for printing reports? Has anyone done something like this? I really hate to use any other product then Flex but i need to create complex reports and be able to print them (something like Crystal Reports for .NET).

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          Michael Borbor Level 4

          Hi there, I remember when I used to develop in vb 6 and create reports using cr 8.5, anyway I don't know how you manage to present a CR file inside a web browser but If you can which I guess is very likely what you could do is having a flex app that lets your users select n criterias, then send back that data to your .net backend server process all that criteria and then send back the url of the report so flex will be able to show it in another browser windows or tab.


          Hope this helps you.