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    Acrobat Form to Database

    Steven Sutton

      I would like to create a from in Acrobat for use within our company. The employees (some have Acrobat, some have Acrobat Reader) will fill out the information and then I need for one person to be able to retrieve that information. I tried doing a form that has a button to email to the final recipient but that didn't really work out. I'm thinking it would be better to have the form send its information to a database and have the end user retrieve the information from the database. Only problem is, I have no idea how to do that. I have experience in Access, Dreamweaver, scripting and Acrobat. What I would like to find is some instructions on how to get Acrobat to send information to a a DB. As I mentioned earlier, this is all on our internal network so no need for Internet access. Does anyone happen to know a site where I might find a How-To for doing this form? Thanks! Steven