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    Font and Style Changes in Finished Help File


      Are there reasons why the generated help file would look different than the Robohelp project itself?  I'm using Ariel fonts, I have images indented etc.. everything looks great.  When I generate the file for HTML Help, things have changed.  i.e. Ariel has turned to Tiems New Roman, images are flush right etc.


      Webhelp seems to generate fine.. it's the html help that this happens.


      I should note that I'm using the Robohelp 2008 demo.  Thanks!



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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Jeff.


          What would be helpful here is if you could use the new forum's ability to attach a screenshot of what you are seeing. The RH8 trial is fully functioning so the fact it is a trial is not the issue.

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            Jayy5 Level 1

            Thanks for responding..


            Ok, I've attached 2 screenshots.  The file named project has the layout the way I want it in robohelp.  The file named Project2 has the .chm file.  You can see how the text has changed to Times New Roman, the images have shifted to the left, and the spacing is off.  Any ideas?  Thanks!






            I think I figured out the problem.


            In the Microsoft HTML Help properties, in the Additonal Options Frame, I originally had CSS checked.. I changed the selection to Master page, and that seemed to do the trick.  Not sure what happened, but it looks fine now!