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    Flash Frame Resize

    WayNerd1 Level 1

      I have been trying to resize my Flash (generated by Encore CS4) from the Encore preset size of 640 x 480 to a size somewhat smaller size (565 x 363). What keeps happening is that the bottom of the Flash is cut off and probably some of the left and/or right sides of the Flash.


      I am using Expression Web 2 for my HTML and I am inserting the Flash directly into a Custom Content area of my ASPX page. I have been fooling with various combinations of the "scale" and "size", but nothing seems to change the way it displays. Interestingly, the Flash will usually play without any trouble in Expression Web, but exhibits the problem in Internet Explorer.


      I also seem to be having problems with "menu". Whether I set "menu" to "true" or "false" it doesn't seem to make any difference, the menu continues to pop up at the beginning of each new image in the slideshow. Isn't there a way to completely supress the playback menu?