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    Why can't OS 10.5.6 create a usable Mac Projector doc

    mbaka2 Level 1

      My colleague and I both have the same setup (below) except he works with OS 10.4 and I work with OS 10.5 (both with latest versions of repective OS). Here's the problem:


      OS 10.5.6 user---When I create a Mac Projector with via Publish it has a greyed icon with a greyed warning (not useable). When double clicking on it I get a message '  You can't open the application "name" because it is not supported on this architecture.' Also when playing a swf doc (non-Projector) made from the same file the wide pans (about 500k in size) pans sometimes come up on my screen as simple red boxes with no picture in them.


      OS 10.4 user---My colleague can make a Mac Projector via Publish using the same settings as I use and all is fine, and it is the same size as the unusable file I create (above). He then zips the Mac Projector file and ftps it to me. When it is unzipped his Mac Projector files plays fine on my computer (the OS 10.5.6 above).


      Is there something in OS 10.5 which is causing this and is Adobe and Apple working to fix it ... or is there a fix already? Thanks.


      Also, we have both installed Flash Player 10 and are trying to use it, but this version no longer appears in the Appliciation folder but somewhere under Library/Preferences. How can we bring it up to know that we are actually playing swf docs from v. 10 and check the 'info' on it? Could my not using Flash Player 10 be related to the 'red box' problem above?




      Info on both both of our setups:


      2x3 GHz Dual-Core INtel Xeon

      12 GB RAM

      CS3 Suite with Adobe Flash CS3

      30"  Apple Screen

      Flash Player in Flash Pref - v. 9 (lastest available in CS3)

      Flash Player Used for viewing: v. 10