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    Image appears as a red square

      When I try to add a large image, it appears in the Image download box in the Preview areas as a red square. And it appears in my topic as a small red square. It does not appear as an image. The title of the image appears within the square. I have attached a screen capture of what the Image download dialog box looks like.


      Is there an image size limitation?  I have been able to enter other images just fine. They are .jpgs. I am using RH 8.




      Kathleen Baine

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          Ben Minson Level 2

          Hi Kathleen,


          After inserting the image, do you still have a red square in the topic if you close and then reopen the topic?



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            Yes. No picture. Just the red square.

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              Ben Minson Level 2

              Typically, the red square means RH can't find the image file at the specified path. I'd guess you've checked the path to make sure it's correct. It looks like your project's directory structure is pretty complex. Do other images from that same folder work, or is this the first image from that folder you've tried to use?  What happens if you try to insert a different image from that folder in that spot?


              You ask about the size of the file. Out of curiosity, what is the image's file size?

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                The image is almost 1 MB. I have easily inserted other, smaller images from the same folder. Is the size an issue?


                What if I just copy and paste the image into my Images folder using Explorer? will I see it in the Images folder in my project? I did try that, and didn't see it. I figured you have to use the Insert Image process to make that happen.


                I have tried compressing the image, but it doesn't get smaller. It's a .jpg.  I saved it as a .gif thinking it would get smaller, but it did not.


                Any suggestions?




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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5

                  Hi Kathleen.


                  1MB is fairly big although I can't say for sure if this is the issue as all my images are significantly smaller. Can you resize the image or save it in a format that compresses it more?


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                    Ben Minson Level 2

                    Yes, try putting the image in your project's images folder and then browsing to it from the Insert Image dialog. You may not see it in Project Manager until you insert it in the topic. When I create images, I put them inside my project images folder and haven't run into a problem inserting any of them from there.

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                      The "Images" folder in RoboHelp is a virtual folder, not an actual directory on the disk.  It keeps track of the images inserted into the project.  Size should not be an issue in RoboHelp.   My first thought here is that size may be an issue with whatever software is creating and/or importing the image.  I have seen programs that create shortcuts rather than copy large files.  Let us know your steps for getting the image into RoboHelp.