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    Collab.createAnnotStore for a SOAP repository


      According to "Configuring preferences using JavaScript in a document"  ( http://livedocs.adobe.com/acrobat_sdk/9/Acrobat9_HTMLHelp/Collab_ConfigPrefs.115.5.html ), I can embed the following javascript in a PDF to access a WebDAV repository:


      this.collabStore = Collab.createAnnotStore({ cName: "DAVFDF", doc: this, cUser: "janedoe", cSettings: "http://example/Collab/"});


      What is the equivalent code for a SOAP repository?  In particular, what is the cName?




      Bill Erickson


      PS - I need to do an embedded script because Adobe removed the "Server Settings" dropdown from the Edit>Preferences>Reviewing dialog in Acrobat 9  (despite what the Acrobat 9 documentation says in the "Manually configuring a client to use a SOAP repository" section of "Acrobat Online Collaboration: Setup and Administration").  However, Adobe Tech Support has assured me that the Server Settings dropdown will be restored in an upcoming minor version release of Acrobat 9.  I'll believe that when I see it.