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    Long time Avid user with Premiere Pro Q's and issues.


      OK, been using Avid solidly since 1993 but since the advent of tapeless i/o and Avid's stumbles in this matter, I have tried out Adobe Premiere Pro for some recent tapeless editing projects.  Let me start by saying how impressed I am with APP. Previous versions left me thinking Premiere was a good app for consumers but lacked what I needed for commercial editing.  Now I see it as a real contender in the NLE market.  I even prefer it to FCP.


      All that said, a few issues I found.


      In no particular order:


      1. In Trim mode (T), I cannot trim all the way back to an edit.  It leaves one frame that I cannot trim away in either direction.  I need to use the slide edit do-hickie to eliminate the last frame.  Odd.


      2. No Extend button.  In Avid I can set an out or in point and press the Extend edit button which will then extend the previous or incoming video to that marked point.  Very convenient for L-cuts and the like.  Is there an Extend button in APP which I've missed?


      3. Match frame issues.  When I match frame audio, the clip gets loaded into the source monitor but a Mark In is not made, you must remember to do this extra step.  In Avid when you match frame audio or video the clip is loaded into the source monitor and an In point is set automatically.  Just faster I find.  Another thing, when I match frame on audio, lay in the video, and slip my sequence out of sync I see the sync loss indication on all my clips down stream, but not on the one I just laid in from my match frame.  (EX: I have an interview with B-roll cut over the interviewee, I decide instead to keep him on camera.  I match frame his audio, mark in/out on source, cut him back in.  I then make some changes earlier in the cut that affects all lip-sync but there's no indication that my interview is out of sync now) . Does APP see this video and audio as two separete elements once the video is removed and reedited in?


      4. Limited inter-sequence editing.  Lots of times I want to move whole edited segments from one place in the cut to another.  Again, in Avid I can do this two ways: Mark in/out the segment in my sequence, press Option-Extract and the segment is extracted from the edit and loaded into the source side as a subclip.  When I edit this back into my sequence, all edits are maintained as they were.  In APP (and FCP for that matter) these edits are now one large block.  I think I need to double-click on the block to edit this segment now, right?  Anyway, I prefer all edits remaining as they were.

      Additionally, I would like to be able to load a whole sequence as a source and see it's timline as well.  In Avid it's one button press, does APP allow this?


      5. Titles.  Can I create key framed title moves without going into After Effects?  All I can find is roll/crawl.


      6. Adobe Dynamic link is pretty sweet, that's all.


      I'm sure I'll run into a few more things but overall I really dig Premiere Pro.  If there's any help you all can give on these issues, I'm all ears.





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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          1. Not sure I understand this one.


          2. It's done differently.  Hold down the CTRL key while extending or shortening a clip.  This will shift any other clips in the sequence to accommodate the new length of the clip in question.


          3. Match frame only loads the frame in the Source monitor.  It does not assume you want a marker or for it to be an In/Out point, rather leaving that option to the editor (as I believe it should).


          3a. Laying down audio a second time would indeed break the link to the video portion.


          4.  Done differently.  Instead of Lifting/Extracting, do a CTRL-X (Cut) on the selected clips.  Then move the CTI to where you want to place the segment, and hit CTRL-SHIFT-V (Paste).  This will Insert the clips exactly as they were.


          4a. Drag a sequence into the Source monitor to see it there.


          5.  You can keyframe using the Motion effect.  This affects the entire title, however, not individual elements of it.  To keyframe elements of the title, you would indeed have to move over to AE.


          6. Yes, it is!

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            matt655321 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply, very helpful.


            1. Give it a try, go to an edit point, press T to go to trim mode and try to trim all the way to the next edit.  It leaves one frame that cannot be trimmed out.


            2. Will try.  I still prefer a single button for this.


            3. Just used to the way Avid does it.  If Adobe is interested in turning Avid users to Premiere these sort of issues will rise up.


            3a. Boooo.


            4. Will try, thanks.


            5. Will try, thanks.





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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              1. Got it now.  But Premiere's behavior here is not surprising.  If you want to completely delete a clip, just delete it.

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                Agree with all of Matts points - I have match framed to a sequence I cut down (Avid would match frame back to the original clip)

                how do I match the loaded source back to the original?.

                All my audio is now on one track as well.

                Need source timeline like matt said.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  When matching a frame in a nested sequence, press CTRL-T instead to place the CTI over that frame in the original sequence.  From there, you can press M to bring up that frame in the Source monitor from the original clip.  (CTRL-T will need to be used for every level of nest.  So if you nest 3 sequences deep, hit CTRL-T until you're finally at the original sequqnce, and then hit M.)

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                    violet76 Level 1

                    thank for prompt reply, i am on a mac, CTRL-T does nothing to my "one 

                    generation down" sequence.