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    Vertical Scroll Bar

      I must sound like such a NOOOOOOOB! I have CS4 and have come to remake a website on Flash for a friend. The content that will be put onto the site is quiet a lot so for design reasons I would rather have an internal scrolling area as apposed to scrolling the main page.


      I am quiet happy with the default Flash scroller bar (looks neat and tidy) however I cant get it to work!!!! I can make it work as far as horizontal scrolling is concerned - but I don't want horizontal scrolling - I NEED vertical....


      I think I'm doing everything right - selecting Dynamic Text - opening the component screen - dragging and dropping the UIScrollBar into the text area. This doesn't work! If I place it near the bottom it gives me the horizontal scoller which works fine but as said - isn't what I'm wanting....


      ANY HELP?!?!?!?







      Also, on a related topic - is there a way of publishing it to an older version of Flash? I have tried to preview Flash intro I have also made on a Windows Laptop and it says I need to download the latest version of Adobe Player - it also said the same on another Windows machine.... just abit of a pain for other viewers..........

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1.  use the properties panel to assign the scrollTarget of your scrollbar or use actionscript to assign the scrollTarget.  position and size your scrollbar in the authoring environment or with actionscript.


          2.  click on file/publish settings/flash to change your publish settings.

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