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    "Preview all pages in browser" ignores extension preference


      I'm using Fireworks CS4 on Windows XP.  I'm using an NTFS filesystem, so file extensions are not limited to 3 characters.


      In Fireworks' File >> HTML Setup dialog box, I specify that I want an extension of .html.


      When I assign links to hotspots, the dropdown menu shows my pages with a .html extension, as I expect.  But when I use File >> Preview in Browser >> Preview all pages in Firefox.exe, Fireworks exports the pages with an extension of .htm instead of .html.   That breaks all the links.


      I've noticed that changing the extension in File >> HTML Setup changes the choices in the Links dropdown list.  I.e., the list of URLs always uses the extension that I specify in setup.


      So, why does the Preview All Pages command create the HTML files with an incorrect extension?  Is there a fix other than redefining all the hotspot links with a .htm extension?