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    Can't connect to site

      Okay, so I just set up a new site for the Animal Management program here at the college. Everything looked and acted pretty normal through the setup process. Try to set up a faculty member and get an error that they can't connect. So I try to check it out.

      But now I can't connect to the site, whether to edit or administer. The first error I hit is "Please make sure that you have sufficient permissions." I created the site. I'm still listed as an admin (I checked from a co-worker's machine).

      If I try to administer the site (Edit--> Administer Websites), I get the above error, followed by "You can't administer this website because we can't connect to your web server. Please check your network connection." The five other sites on that server, CPS and web, work fine.

      Any ideas? I've restarted my machine, connected as admin from another machine (as another admin), but I can't get to it on my machine as me. I can't even delete it. Help me if you can.
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          This is interesting. I am having the same problem. I am using Contribute CS3 and Publishing Server. I had set myself up as administrator of a new site. I set up a couple other users as Publishers within the Publishing server. I used the admin to set up their rights. Everything was going fine. I went to one of the publishers pc and installed contribute and connected them to the site. Now I can no longer access the site. Even if I try to edit my connection, it won't enable. It says "Access is denied". It also won't allow me to remove the connection. So, I basically can't do anything.
          I don't know if it matter but the site was originally built with DreamWeaver CS3.
          This is a new site that I'm needing to get out ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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            Does the client require proxy settings? If so then this is not possible.

            Contribute SOAP object sent to CPS contains no proxy settings, thus it can never reach CPS.

            this assumes your client is using a PROXY though, if they are not then ignore this message.

            Contribute sends 3 types of requests:
            1) Browser
            2) FTP/SFTP
            3) SOAP object (on https)

            #3 has no way to deal with Proxies.