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    Uninstall problem

    Chet Haase Level 3
      I attempted to install the latest Pixel Bender release, but the installer quits, saying that I have a previous pre-release version of Pixel Bender installed, and that I must remove that before running the installer.

      The problem is that this other version is not in my Add/Remove Programs control panel list, so I can't uninstall it in the usual way. Also, there doesn't seem to be any uninstaller in the Pixel Bender program group itself. And finally, I even went so far as to run a Microsoft utility called "Windows Install Clean Up", which seemed to find and then remove the Pixel Bender application .... but the installer for the new version *still* complains about the previous version.

      I tried renaming the Pixel Bender Toolkit folder where the application resides, to no avail.

      I could start deleting stuff in the registry, but that's always a bit dicey since it's not clear what i need to remove.

      Can someone tell me what to nuke to just get the new stuff going?


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          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
          I forwarded this on to the installer guys. There is a registry key you need to remove, but it isn't obvious. Do you remember which version of the toolkit you had installed previously?
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            Chet Haase Level 3
            Excellent, thanks - I hammered on this mot of the morning, it'd be nice to get past it...

            According to the About dialog, I'm running 1.0.343190
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              Zohar Babin Level 1
              I'm having the same problem...
              I don't have pixelBender in the "Add remove programs".
              the installed version is: 1.0.350192, build 35

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                Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                If the toolkit was installed as part of the installation of another application, you need to use that application's installer to remove the toolkit. Let me know if that wasn't the case.
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                  Chet Haase Level 3
                  For what it's worth, Kevin's suggestion worked for me: I had gotten the pre-release version installed by some other package, and had to uninstall that software to uninstall that earlier Pixel Bender version.
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                    Zohar Babin Level 1
                    What do you mean by some other package ?
                    As I remember i installed just the pixel bender.. not as a part of another release.. but it was too long ago to remember..

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                      reinhardius Level 1
                      I have the same problem, I installed pixel bender 0.5???? from adobe labs. I uninstalled it (started the uninstaller with CCleaner) , but the uninstaller always crashed with some script error.It said the unistall finished, but no files were removed. After spending hours trying to install a new version of pixel bender , I searched my whole harddrive for pixel bender files and deleted them and also every registry entry which had pixel or bender in its name (about 40), without any luck. I still can not install a new version of pixel bender it stops at the system check and tells me , that i should uninstall my old version of pixel bender first. please help !!!!! System: WinXP home.
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                        Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                        unfortunately, the Adobe installers add stuff that might not be easily identifiable as Pixel Bender. I'm going to get the installer devs in on this thread to try to help.
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                          dmanw53dq Level 1
                          To remove Pixel Bender from your system, it is recommended to first attempt to follow the uninstall instructions at http://labs.adobe.com/wiki/index.php/Pixel_Bender_Toolkit#Installation_Instructions:
                          To uninstall the Toolkit:
                          Windows: Use the "Add or Remove Programs" helper from the Control Panel.
                          Macintosh: Use the uninstaller application for the Pixel Bender Toolkit under "/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers".

                          As Kevin mentioned in a prior response, it may also be necessary to uninstall other CS4 prerelease products that continue to reference Pixel Bender.

                          WARNING: the below steps are potentially more error prone than running the uninstall. Please exercise appropriate caution by backing up files, etc.

                          If these steps do not succeed in uninstalling Pixel Bender, then there are a couple of steps that need to occur:
                          1. Remove Pixel Bender installed content
                          2. Remove Adobe "install records" for Pixel Bender
                          3. (Windows only) Remove Windows Installer (a.k.a. MSI) "install records" for Pixel Bender

                          For step 1, this mostly involves deleting the Pixel Bender Toolkit folder from the location where it was installed to. On Windows, there are also some registry entries created, but their presence should not block future installs.

                          For step 2, this involves removing entries from the Adobe install records file. This file is located at:
                          Win: c:\program files\common files\adobe\caps\caps.db
                          Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/caps/caps.db
                          Unfortunately, there is not an easy way for users to be able to do this without also removing install records for other Adobe products (CS3 or CS4). The Adobe CS3 cleaner script will, in addition to removing most CS3 install content, also remove all install records for both CS3 and CS4 products – by deleting this caps.db file. This script is available at http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs3clean.html. An enhanced cleaner script, which will allow for selective removal of Adobe products, is expected to be available around mid-October.

                          For steps 3, this involves using the Microsoft Windows Install Cleanup utility ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301) to remove MSI install records from the registry. After downloading and installing this utility, launch it and remove entries for Pixel Bender if any exist.



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                            Zohar Babin Level 1
                            so basically, you're saying we should remove all CS3 and CS4 products before we can install the new version of pixelBender ?!

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                              dmanw53dq Level 1
                              Generally, it should only be necessary to uninstall Pixel Bender and possibly any CS4 products that also include it. In cases where this does not work, then, yes, one option is to use the cleaner script to effectively remove all CS3 products (and the install records for CS4). We're expecting a new cleaner script around mid-Oct that allows for selective removal of products so that CS3 products can be left alone, allowing selective cleanup of just Pixel Bender and CS4 products that contain Pixel Bender.
                              Depending on what is causing the uninstall failure, there may also be other options, but would have to be investigated on a case by case basis, probably through discussion on a forum like this.
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                                Ryan Phelan Level 1
                                Any updates on this? There's no way I'm uninstalling all my CS3/CS4 products, that's way too risky.
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                                  Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                                  you only need to uninstall any pre-release software that you may have installed: Flash or After Effects.

                                  You should be doing this anyway before trying to install the released versions.
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                                    Zohar Babin Level 1

                                    after uninstalling all prerelease software..
                                    even trying to use all of the old versions of pixelbender and AIF installer to uninstall.
                                    unfortunately, it still doesn't install and when launching the pixel bender installer i get an error saying there is already a version installed (?)

                                    I also went through all files in the disk and occurrences of pixelbender in the registry... nothing helps.

                                    Is there something specific I should look for and delete in order to force the installer ?
                                    what is it that the installer look for?
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                                      Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                                      that is a sucky user experience. Sorry about that. You might want to wait for the CS4 pre-release cleaner script so that you don't lose your CS3 installs. It should be out any second now.
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                                        Zohar Babin Level 1
                                        Thank you.

                                        is there a way to make the process faster?
                                        can you supply a list of dependencies to remove?
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                                          Kevin Goldsmith Level 3
                                          totally out of my areas of knowledge unfortunately. I'm trying to get one of the installer to follow this thread.
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                                            dmanw53dq Level 1
                                            As promised in my previous forum post, the CS4 cleaner script is now available. You can find it at http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs4clean.html. The cleaner tool should be able clean off any install records related to old installs of Pixel Bender.

                                            Note that this new version is not configured to remove the actual installed Pixel Bender files (as it does for other CS4 products). However, in most cases, this should not prevent the new version of Pixel Bender from being installed. I will request that Pixel Bender content be added to the cleaner tool configuration in a future release of the tool.
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                                              Zohar Babin Level 1
                                              Woot!! :)
                                              Thanks, finally I have pb installed.