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    Google Maps API




      I'm a newbie at LR programing and before breaking my head to figure it out, I would like to know if this is possible.

      I would like to reverse geocoding my photos in batch by integrating the Google Maps API http://nicogoeminne.googlepages.com/reference.html. So with the longitude and latitude recorded in my photos, the Google API can match the street addresse. I would like to write back the location to the IPTC.



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          Just had a look... both the "reverse geocoding" service as well as the basic Google Maps API are provided as a Javascript interface. You'd have to execute Javascript code to use them. It would probably be possible one way or another if one had to, but I am not going into this.


          You'd be better off using a webservice that exposes an HTTP-based interface (as you can easily access it with methods provided by the LR2 SDK). Like those from http://www.geonames.org/export/ws-overview.html. The drawback is that findNearestAddress only returns results for US locations, otherwise one had to fall back to the less detailed data (no street address) provided by findNearby.