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    Ipod export

      Ok, I have seen some topics on this but the other threads got off topic. Hopefully, by giving my specific details I can get a straight answer.


      I create a Sequence in Premiere Pro CS4, I export media, I select H.264 and Ipod, AME Encodes...


      Resulting file plays on Ipod and older versions of quicktime (7.3 I believe). But won't play on newer quicktime, trying to play the file on newer versions of quicktime results in Green Flashes/Video Stutter. I know other media players, Windows Media Player, Adobe Media Player, VLC... play the video just fine.


      My question is... Is there any solution to fixing this, so I can get a file that will work in all versions of quicktime/Ipod ? As of right now I export in .mov and use a 3rd party encoder to encode Ipod/quicktime compatible videos. This takes up a lot of extra time and I would like to do it all in one shot with AME. And I don't want to inconvience my viewers by telling them to just use another Media Player... They should have the ability to use whichever one they like the best...


      Thanks in Advance,

      Never Ending Rant


      (I have all updates as of today for AME and Premiere Pro)

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          Hi Never ending rant,


          I am having the same problem.


          Using a set of stills in a 16x9 sequence and have tried several configs to no avail. Get green frames on some and jerky playback in all. Just testing in Quicktime V7.6 and itunes v8 at this stage. Both are buggered. Is one of the problems trying to export a 16x9 timeline to 4x3 only presets?....



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            Curt Wrigley Level 4

            I have read the same accounts elsewhere that you just explained.   That the files play fine on the ipod, but not on a pc with the latest ver of qt.


            The solutions Ive seen point to not using the latest ver of qt.   Im not offering much help; just confirming you are not crazy.


            Perhaps someone else has run accross a better solution?   I dont dablle with qt or ipods myself very often.


            Some detail in this thread....  Premier CS4 and the Media Encoder, problem playing H.264 encoded video in iTunes

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              Thanks Curt,


              I have just read another report saying similar. Yes, it would be hard to

              tell your clients to revert to an earlier version of QT and/or itunes. I

              have just exported the sequence to an AVI. Then opened it up in Quicktime

              Pro (the latest version for Windows. I should have said I use Windows

              before...) Then exported to Ipody versions from there. The files run OK.

              Haven't tested them out on an Ipod yet. Both our ipods are out today! But

              I'm not extecting any problems.


              Looks like a second process is needed to export for windows users. And

              Quicktime pro...


              Now I have to find out if it will export in 16x9 format.





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                I'm having a similar (frustrating) situation. I fail to understand why these export templates are provided within Premier Pro CS4 if they aren't going to work. I understand needing to tweak things, but I do better starting from scratch than thinking these templates might even come close to working.


                I'm trying to take HDV 16x9 video and make it available for the iPod, which means 640x480.


                So far this isn't working regardless of the settings.


                The only luck I've had is to export the video with QuickTime Pro, using the Movie to Ipod setting, which creates a .m4v file at 640x360.

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                  Yeah, we've paid good money for the product it should work.


                  Depending on the original format of the materials, the suggestion is to dump it out with the 1080 output and then use itunes to convert to apple tv and then to ipod format.  it takes a while the few times that I've done it the output looks better than having QT do the rendering.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9
                    I fail to understand why these export templates are provided within Premier Pro CS4 if they aren't going to work.


                    OK, let's look at this from a neutral perspective. The Export setting worked with earlier versions of QT, but not the newest ones. What has changed? Could it be Apple's QuickTime? Why did they change things? Why did they not test with Adobe products, just as they did not, when they released 7.4.x versions, which did not work with anything Adobe and broke many of the programs. They finally got it right with 7.5.5, but then issued the 7.6.x versions.


                    For Adobe, hitting the right combo for QT is like trying to hit the ever-changing specs. for YouTube, which change monthly, if not weekly. If Adobe was to release an update for each iteration of QT, they'd now be up to CS4.9, or higher. What would they do, if 7.7.x changes things again?


                    I just do not get this. Now, I am not anti-Apple, as I use much of it for my work. I just have to tip-toe around bad QT releases and keep all older versions handy, should a new one go pear-shaped with my Adobe programs. Going back to the 7.4.x days, I had to revive my 7.3.5 version, before 7.5.5 was finally released.