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    Imported Footage is sped up very fast and i dont know why

      Every time i import footage and add it to a comp it seems to be sped from 1min and 12 seconds to about 13 seconds. the original footage is ok and the composition is adjusted properly. i use avi files, im new at this and i really neeed help.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Bandit: When you import footage into After Effects, the application takes an educated guess (usually, a very smart one) regarding the file's charcteristics in terms of frame rate, frame size, etc. This process is called footage interpretation. Most of the time, it works perfectly without any input from the user.


          In the case you describe, it seems like After Effects is incorrectly interpreting your footage.


          If you select the footage item, you will see After Effects displays a summary of interpretation for that item in the project panel (see attached picture).


          If the frame rate is incorrect, you can manually change the interepretation, by right clicking on the item and in the contextual menu going to Interpret Footage > Main.


          For more information on this, go to the Interpret Footage Items section in After Effects Community Help.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Please tell us, what CoDec the AVIs use. Some MPEG-based CoDecs do not get treated correctly and you need to manually interpret them. the same applies to screen capture CoDecs such as the Techsmith one from Camtasia. Because they use non-standard frame rates and due to how their compression works, it is almost always necessary to interpret them manually. Also, if you have audio in your AVI, incorrect timebase information may be embedded, giving the same incorrect behavior. Just provide some more details. I'm sure it#s something simple.